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New Movers are Five Times More Loyal Than Average Customer

The 30 million households in the United States that will be “New Movers” this year can become loyal new patrons/donors! Each year about 14 percent of the United States population moves into a new home or apartment.  According to multiple reports, when a household relocates, it typically establishes 71 new business relationships within its first […]

Tis The Season For The Highest Opt-Out Rate Of The Year      

Tis the Season to be jolly, as non-profit marketers and development teams alike will be trying to get donors to give up some of their Yule Tide Treasure so they can continue to deck the halls for the upcoming year. But campaign conversations quickly take an Ebenezer Scrooge tone when the appeal campaigns involve blasting […]

Bust Out Some New Moves

Recently, the volume of “sales” emails have been proliferating my inbox. All claiming to help solve various business challenges from CRM, cloud computing to employee onboarding. Most frustrating me are the emails claiming to help me “solve” the problems that I solve on a regular basis for my clients. For example, I don’t need your […]


Facebook shares plunged today when CEO announced shift in goals from relevant content to meaningful interactions. Mark Zuckerburg said new algorithms will prioritize more posts from friends and family that spark conversation resulting in less paid for content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses. Why the seismic change? He cited Relevance. These […]


HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO DETOX YOUR DATA? Everyone should detox their data at least once a year. Today, with more marketing channels than ever, “it’s critical to detox.” Symptom Checker: You probably need to detox your data if you have any of the following symptoms such as: Uncontrollable spam and unsubscribe rates […]

How to Monetize Your Demographic Data!

P360’s Visual Report of your Data: Why do we have a visual dashboard? P360’s visualization dashboard was created with the marketer in mind. Today, a marketer’s world moves very quickly, I often say marketing is now “moment by moment” vs. the yesteryear of editorial calendars and six months for product launches.  Most of our clients, […]

Precision Marketing: Three Easy Steps to Reducing Opt Out Rates

Opt-In Emails can be worth $2-$10 each. Do you have an Opt Out Strategy? Marketers enjoy the affordability and access of email for marketing. Consumers on the other hand, guard their inbox like world leader protects his domain; armed with weapons of destruction such as automatic Spam Blockers, Ad Blockers, one-touch Spam reporting, and junk […]

Precision Marketing Framework: Five Steps to Maximizing ROI

Countless case studies across multiple, industry verticals share one common finding: “Market Messaging” based upon customer insights, also known as Precision Marketing (data-driven customer insights), delivers increased ROI. Enhancing your data with demographics (age, marital status, education, interests and hobbies) help to grow deeper customer insights and assist in delivering relevant messaging that engage, convert, […]

How are you planning to get your lapsed ticket buyers back?

You probably engage in lapsed subscriber campaigns to try and bring back former subscribers who haven’t renewed.  But, do you also do the same sort of campaigns for previous ticket buyers who haven’t been back? Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more than new customers.* Imagine your average ticket […]