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You don’t need to mail a printed brochure to everyone on your list

Wow, that is a bold statement, right? We all know that printed brochures are a time-intensive and costly undertaking.  From the graphic design costs to printing and postage, depending on your list size, just one mailing could cost you 5 figures. And do you really get a high enough ROI off of that brochure alone […]

Are You Fall Cleaning your house…files?

Time for Fall Cleaning Growing up in an Italian family, the ritual of spring and fall cleaning seemed to respectfully greet the approaching season. Spring hinted at the upcoming summer, a time to put on your shorts, picnic, and re-engage with friends. Fall on the other hand, signaled cooler, shorter days were ahead. Wool sweaters […]

The Tony’s Effect

The American Theatre Wing’s Tony Awards are arguably the most magical, high-quality television viewing experience every year. For those already in the know, they get to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing incredible productions shared with all the world and cheer for their favorites, celebrating victories or arguing unjust losses. For those who don’t partake in […]

The Spark of the Art – Do you know how to ignite?

What is it that fills the velvet cushioned seats of a theater with eager bodies? What draws people to travel hours to peer at a collection of paintings? What causes people to devote endless hour upon hour to repetitive, rote practice, sacrificing personal joys and free time with loved ones? Both complex and simple all […]

How a Young Family Prepares for the Theatre

A night of theater is a simple formula: dinner, theater, maybe coffee and dessert later over a lengthy chat about the interesting points of the show. It’s an exciting yet relaxing change from the norm, perfect for recharging and enlivening playgoers. For some audience members, the evening is more of a process, though. Far more […]

Terms of Use

TERMS OF SERVICE FOR ARTS AND ANALYTICS PATRONLINK360 ONLINE SERVICES Thank you for selecting the Services offered by Arts and Analytics, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates (referred to as “Arts and Analytics”, “we”, “our”, or “us”). Thoroughly review these Terms of Service (“Agreement”). Please note that this Agreement is a legal agreement between you and […]


Arts & Analytics Inc. Offline Privacy Policy Arts & Analytics helps companies increase sales and patron loyalty through our high-value data, market intelligence and innovative digital solutions. We uncover and unlock revenue growth by enabling our clients – from local businesses to Fortune 100 companies – to connect and engage with their most valuable audiences […]