Denver Center For The Performing Arts – 500% ROI


Today, many performing arts venues are confronting a new set challenges, which require innovation to attract and retain their most valuable asset—the patron. In the past, many organizations could rely upon traditional marketing channels to sell individual tickets, seasonal subscriptions, and to raise funds. Today traditional marketing channels are no longer effective and now, the arts must innovate to activate.
Precision Marketing is the ultimate customer-centric approach to marketing and is driven by data-based customer insight and metrics, that clearly measure marketing effectiveness. Precision Marketing considers historic transactions to predict future outcomes. This insight enables the creation of relevant campaigns, meaningful patron segments and personas, and quantifiable ROI.
As an industry thought leader, DCPA has maintained an active transactional database but had not leveraged the data to create actionable insight or to influence campaign outcomes.
DCPA’s ongoing commitment to excellence, led them to initiate a Precision Marketing pilot to test its efficacy.
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