Facebook shares plunged today when CEO announced shift in goals from relevant content to meaningful interactions. Mark Zuckerburg said new algorithms will prioritize more posts from friends and family that spark conversation resulting in less paid for content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses. Why the seismic change? He cited Relevance.

These new modifications will significantly change the way B2C marketers promote products and events, as well as influence, gain and retain their target markets. Many companies have shifted marketing dollars away from traditional channels to Facebook and invested greatly into video and content resources. Organizations have reworked their reporting dashboards to capture FB’s influence on it top line results. Social media vernacular such as “likes”, and “pages” have finally made its way to boardrooms. And now, after loyal marketers have spent years legitimatizing FaceBook as a viable channel,– Facebook has officially announced to the world your are un-friended.

Now that your paid for posts, dark posts, campaigns and videos will rank lower than a snake’s belly, here are a few tips.

  • Understand the new guidelines and how your organization may be impacted.
  • Determine how much revenue could be at stake.
  • Have a strategy to contact those hard-earned followers. (e.g. opt in give-away)
  • You must know your customers demographics such as age, marital status, presence of children, education, as well as hobbies and interests. Collecting these data points will help you create more relevant messaging, promotions, personas that will enable you to cut through the clutter and increase your likelihood of being heard. Our software P360 provides this for functionality starting at only $99 per month.
  • Having a deeper understanding of your customers interest will enable you to shift your ad dollars away from Facebook and place your spend with brands, outlets that cater to specific interest such as style, food and wine, news, and outdoors activities to name a few. Our software P360 provides this functionality starting at only $99 per month.
  • Read my book, “Precision Marketing: Maximizing Revenue Through Relevance.”

Ironically, we are now faced by facebook to command a deeper understanding of our loyal customers and their interests. No longer will we have the luxury of marketing to them on a generic, community platform. Now we have to relevant to KNOW OUR CUSTOMERS or there will be NO CUSTOMERS.