What’s New with P360


New Data:

Our new data has over 230M American consumer households and tracks over 1,400 buying behaviors. What should you expect? Drastically improved data around Ethnicity, Presence of Children, Wealth, and Education. These are four of the most important attributes that many of our clients depend upon their accuracy to help sell more subscriptions, tickets, memberships and donors.

Patron Analysis Heat Maps:

P360 now provides heat maps for your analysis. This really is a time saver since it takes an inordinate amount of time to take all of your zip codes and then load the data into a mapping tool. P360. At a glance, you are able to see where your patrons reside, and in a second you can drill down to learn more!

New Machine Learning Models:

P360 has successfully migrated to phase three of our Artificial Intelligence strategy. The new Machine Learning Models (ML) are now currently in production. Your uploaded data will run through a series of different models and then select the model that has the best outcomes for picking Look-A-Likes.

Our new models drastically improves the ability to target new prospects with the best probability to purchase.

P360 Performance Improvements:

P360 is now performing data hygiene, address standardization and appends at a rate of 500 patron records per second or 5350% speed increase. Time varies depending your upload and download connection.

Our speed enables you to receive your actionable insight in literally seconds enabling close to real-time campaign insight and or even adjustments.