Bust Out Some New Moves

Recently, the volume of “sales” emails have been proliferating my inbox. All claiming to help solve various business challenges from CRM, cloud computing to employee onboarding. Most frustrating me are the emails claiming to help me “solve” the problems that I solve on a regular basis for my clients. For example, I don’t need your data, we have our own. I don’t need your machine intelligence platform, we have our own. I don’t need your buyer list, we have our own and we don’t build our lists from bots that troll and scrap email and other data from the internet.

It has been several years since I wrote the book on Precision Marketing, and five years later, we are still in a cacophony of digital noise. Quite frankly this noise it is more annoying now because of the constant stream of irrelevance that continually invade my inbox. My junk filters, spam filters, and FCC complaints all seem to result in more irrelevant communication.

The foundation of Precision Marketing is knowing who to target but more importantly Who NOT to Target. There is an innate cost of losing loyal customers over irrelevant communications. In fact, for each email unsubscribe from your weekly “blasts” is worth $5 each. Think about the time and money it required to acquire the customer in the first place. Spraying and praying your marketing message is never a good strategy and let’s all agree, “one size fits all” really never fits anyone well.

Some tips to help you cut through the messaging mayhem:

Review your email lists from the past six months and group into three categories:

  • Category #1: Opens and engages (right product, right person, right channel)
  • Category #2: Opens and does not engages (wrong product, right person, right channel)
  • Category #3: Never opens (wrong across the board)

Get to know the buyer by conducting:

  • Survey
  • Phone call
  • Append with characteristics (age, gender, marital status, etc)

Review and enhance/enrich your Persona and content development

  • Does your persona or understanding match the insight you uncovered above?
  • How does your pitch, content, story, etc. match up with the insight you uncovered?
  • How can you improve your call to actions(CTAs) to drive relevancy?

Deciding who and who not to target is a complex task that takes diligence. A rule of thumb to consider when you are acquiring a new prospect is that it takes seven interactions before they begin to engage with your brand and your products. This takes tenacity and persistence to finely hone your messages and targets. In fact, I have several email campaigns that have been continually honed over one year and is yielding high returns.


Relevance = Response = Revenue