Hillary vs. Trump: Cutting Through The Political Babble During Political Season

The political rhetoric, mud slinging, and malaise will continue to increase until Election Day. This deluge of communication will proliferate email and mail boxes, contaminate news shows, cover billboards, and dominate commercials.The average person can receive up to 5,000 messages a day, but during the political season, this could dramatically increase to 10,000 or more, adding to ad fatigue and reducing the efficacy of Marketering campaigns.

At the same time, marketing costs are skyrocketing since Superpacs, with their multi-million dollar budgets, are purchasing every channel to promote their candidate. How exactly do marketers cut through the political babble and deliver top line campaign results?

Here are a few tips:

Since the political campaigns are just dialing for dollars and spraying and praying, I would suggest, smaller more relevant campaigns that are targeted vs. a mass blast.

Know your Buyer:

Do you understand the demographics of your consumers and prospects? Do they prefer mail vs. email vs. social media? What are the age groups? For example, Email hardly reaches a Millennial like a text message, Snapchat, Youtube or Pandora. The key is to have relevant communications on their preferred platform.

Birds of a Feather, Stick Together:

How do you segment your list? Here are a few ideas:

  • Demographic Segmentation: High wealth, mutual interests, age, marital status, etc.
  • RFM: Recency, frequency, and monetary spend
  • Persona Development
  • Email open rates, click through and conversion

 Putting it all Together – The Communication Plan:

Do you have a communication strategy?

The graphic for this article is a sample communication plan and is included in my book, Precision Marketing, Maximizing Revenue Through Relevance.