New Movers are Five Times More Loyal Than Average Customer

The 30 million households in the United States that will be “New Movers” this year can become loyal new patrons/donors!

Each year about 14 percent of the United States population moves into a new home or apartment.  According to multiple reports, when a household relocates, it typically establishes 71 new business relationships within its first two months. New residents are also five times more likely to become loyal to you than the average, current customer.  In many cases, a move forces the creation new personal and business relationships and as a result, new movers are actively looking for marketing offers and information on about their new city. You will benefit by being where the new movers are and by presenting them with memorable, relevant, and targeted information.

Here Are Some Ideas on How To Attract, Engage, and Convert New Movers

  • A welcome letter from the center, signed by your executive director, chief marketing officer or other potential known entity such as a conductor.
  • A map to the center, potentially customized with directions from the mover’s new home.
  • A branded gift, like a magnet, notepad, new movers checklist, keychain or calendar.
  • An invitation to receive discounts by completing an online, “Get to Know You” survey.
  • Information on the center’s website, social media presence, and mobile applications.
  • Suggestions on where to eat, park, and after show activities.

If you are currently a P360 user, you can just use the acquisition tab and select prospects that have lived in their house for less than one year. Easy Peasy.

If you would like a list of new movers, just email me at