Precision Marketing: Three Easy Steps to Reducing Opt Out Rates

Opt-In Emails can be worth $2-$10 each. Do you have an Opt Out Strategy?

Marketers enjoy the affordability and access of email for marketing. Consumers on the other hand, guard their inbox like world leader protects his domain; armed with weapons of destruction such as automatic Spam Blockers, Ad Blockers, one-touch Spam reporting, and junk mail notifications. All designed to keep unwanted, irrelevant noise out of their otherwise quiet, invitation only, digital world.

Even with this arsenal of tools, consumers receive 100’s of marketing emails a day. Today, many experts speculate the value of a single, opted-in email, is anywhere from $2 to $10 dollars. Certainly considered a feather in the cap for hard working marketer that wisely ponders and spends on their cost-per-click Ad-words, likeable Facebook content, witty tweets, and irresistible Instagram pictures to woo potential suitors to opt-in to their company story. Losing this right to market in this channel certainly represents a cost, and at ten dollars a pop for unsubscribes and spam reporting, it is a expense that needs to be considered.

Clearly at this cost, unsubscribe rates cannot be ignored.

Here are a few tips to reduce your unsubscribe rates:

Carefully review your list – at the very least, segment the:

  • Non-openers: Let’s face it, after several weeks of courting, they are just not into you. Give that list a three month rest.
  • Openers but not clickers: Good sign, recognize more work is to be done. Okay, you have yet to inspire them to act but they have opened, keep this list and change up the offer or design.
  • Clickers but not buyers: Right product wrong Landing page? A great email, great call to action, then the clicker, trusted you enough to click and then landed on a website to confusing, different, outdated, figure out how to purchase.
  • Buyers: Do you have an upsell, cross-sell. A new benefit to share on the purchased product?

 The Reverse Append:

How much do you know about your opt-ins? Are they married, single, millennial, parents, wealthy, technology nut, and or educated? What data points would help create targeted emails? A reverse append of your email list may be a valuable investment.

What is a reverse append?

A reverse append will attached the correct US postal mailing address to your email list. The more address data on file, the better the email match rate. Expect about 25% match rate per list.

What does this cost?

Pricing on reverse appends can be as low as $55/1000 matches and up. Usually additional attributes such as age, gender, marital status, and others can be $4/1000 per attribute.

Let me know if I can assist you in any way. lee