Dirty Data You Are The Talk Of The Town

Everyone is talking dirty, dirty data that is. They’re quickly realizing that without a data strategy, data becomes quickly outdated and is more of a liability vs. an asset. CMO’s can no longer hide their dirty laundry; the data must be cleaned in order to improve campaign costs and ROI.

Is my data dirty? According to Salesforce.com, YES.

• 7% of your current data is Duplicated
• 21% is Dead or considered Useless or Dead
• 74% is Outdated
• 90% is Incomplete

Instead of discussing the potential damage dirty data can cause a campaign, let’s take some action and find a data hygiene provider to help.

Vendor Selection: You will need to send a spreadsheet with First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip and Account Code to reference back to your system. Most data hygiene providers will clean your data up to 10,000 addresses for free. This will let you make an informed decision on which provider to select. Be sure to review the match rate at both the address level and then at the surname level. Match rates on address level usually are in the 90% range, while matches on the surname level usually fall into the 75% range.

What you can expect: The data hygiene provider will standardize your data in accordance with the United States Postal Office standards and usually will return your data CASS certified.

Now that your data is standardized, the next step is cleaning your data. I will cover this in my next post.