Tis The Season For The Highest Opt-Out Rate Of The Year      

Tis the Season to be jolly, as non-profit marketers and development teams alike will be trying to get donors to give up some of their Yule Tide Treasure so they can continue to deck the halls for the upcoming year. But campaign conversations quickly take an Ebenezer Scrooge tone when the appeal campaigns involve blasting the entire database with messaging cheer.

Yes, this is the season or should I say reason for the highest opt-out rate of the year.  Mainly these year-end giving campaigns are rarely segmented in hopes to get anyone to respond. As I say, one size fits all – fits no one.

Here are a few hacks to consider for your holiday appeals campaign segments:

  • Determine the income level of existing donors using the wealth and income data from P360. Next cross-reference the donor’s giving level to determine who’s been a Scrooge all year and giving well below their means. Send them communication to encourage them to increase Yule Tide treasure.
  • Leverage age, income and wealth data from P360 to determine which existing donors would be good candidates for planned giving.
  • Create a cloned list of your best donors using the P360 machine learning model and target new donors.
  • Grow and nurture new givers by analyzing their income data to identify appropriate first gift amounts.
  • Create custom audiences leveraging the our insight reports and upload our clone lists into your favorite social media tool.